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​Whether it is for general lighting or showcase illumination, these flexible LED strips are an excellent choice. Range from color temperature 3000k to 6500k SAMSUNG LED Chips, they are designed for long- term professional human-centric lighting applications.
1. Made by Samsung LM281BA+ LED Chips
2. High Performance Brightness.
3. Generally use in cove lighting, architectural lighting or decorative lighting etc.

LIFESPAN: up to 20 000 Hrs


Product Specification

LED Strip Information
Model Voltage (DC) Color Temperature Lumen/Watt Lumen/MTR CRI LED/MTR POWER Typ. Power Max
BG-LS-2835-120-24-40 24V 6500K 150 lm/w 1600 lm 80 120 6W 8W
24V 4000K 150 lm/w 1600 lm 80 120 6W 8W
24V 3000K 150 lm/w 1600 lm 80 120 6W 8W